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    Tembaga Batik - A genuine of our heritage

    Tembaga Batik fabric manufacturer A genuine of our heritage

    We are Batik manufacturer since 1996, starting the business at our small home in Pekalongan, Central of Java. With only 4 of member of our family we trying to build the business. At the started we producing a wax stamped batik, a hand painted batik and also the smock colours batik we called “kriwiilan” in very small quantities.

    Now after more than 15 years experience in the business we already growth becoming one of the reputable manufacturer in the town. We believe with our hard working and keep to learn newest technique and method of batik will guide us into global competition.

    Our factory located in Sukoharjo,Surakarta central of java build in 1000 metre square with production capacity more than 80.000 yards of wax stamp batik per month. We are pleased to asking you to come in and visiting our factory and our workshop in Pekalongan central of java as a Batik travelling trip along java island and bali.

    Infokan pada teman/kerabat anda yang membutuhkan informasi ini. KLIK TOMBOL :

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